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Tom Superior Realtors

Tom - Owner

Founder, Owner, and Managing Broker of Superior Realtors & Rental Properties, Inc.

Hailing from Upland, Indiana, Tom has been a resident of the Rockford, Illinois area since moving here in 1990.

Originally trained in the world of manufacturing, Tom realized he had a passion and a gift for real estate.
Tom ventured into the real estate business as an owner through a partnership in 2001. As partnerships sometimes go, Tom and his then-partner parted ways – which led Tom to further his knowledge of real estate by acquiring his real estate agents license and later his managing broker’s license. In July of 2011 Tom started Superior Realtor’s & Rental Properties, Inc.

Tom believes in treating each Owner’s property, whether it’s one unit or one hundred units, like the property was his own.

He believes in fixing things up right the first time and wants to deliver the nicest and highest quality unit in the area for the tenant’s buck.

He also works to find and place good quality tenants and treats them with respect, dignity and straight-forward honesty.

When he isn’t working, Tom likes to spend time with his two young-adult sons, young adult “bonus” son, and longtime girlfriend. Tom is an avid motorcycle rider, outdoor enthusiast, movie watcher, and harness enthusiast.
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Diana Rondone

Diana Rondone - Realtor


I have enjoyed the great pleasure of growing up in one of my favorite cities in the world: Rockford. Where else can you find fabulous restaurants, great entertainment, warm and friendly people, top quality schools, beautiful parks, cool architecture? I might be thinking of several exciting world cities but I truly love this one and I'm proud to work daily for my clients, helping them rent, buy, and sell real estate.
I was born and raised in Rockford and started my Real Estate career over 10 years ago in Rockford. I then moved to Madison, WI and started University. I then moved to the rural outskirts and really enjoyed the quiet peace of the country life.
Life on the farm brought a hands on education in planning, design, constructing barns, buildings, pouring concrete, landscaping, and maintenance.
I couldn't stay away from the real estate field for long, and landed a position as a Senior Loan officer with a mortgage brokerage. I even managed to volunteer some time for the Humane organizations helping to raise funds, write grants, and promote fundraisers.
During a career that spans almost two decades, I have built long lasting relationships with a diverse clientele.
The past year, I have had the honor and privilege to work with, and learn from, one of the most respected, highly regarded, straight shooting, property managers in Winnebago County - Tom Howard, Broker-Owner of Superior Realtors & Rental Properties, Inc. In less than a year the Superior team took a faltering 104-unit apartment complex from 73% occupancy to 100%, with a pre-qualified waiting list. In addition, we decreased delinquencies from 45% to less than 5%.
Now, most of my days are spent working with delightful clients, staging homes, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes, negotiating contracts, putting a SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to ecstatic new home owners. 

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Anita Harris

Anita (“Nita”) Harris

Broker for Superior Realtors & Rental Properties, Inc.

A lifelong resident of the Rockford, Illinois, area, Anita’s exposure to real estate began with her corporate America job in the retail gasoline industry in 2001. She has had a hand in hundreds of real estate transactions (residential and commercial alike) from submitting letters of intent to closings and has worked with national title companies and stock-exchange listed REITs on multi-location deals (one 11-site nationwide auction transaction provided less than a 2-week due diligence period once the bid was “won” and required all locations be closed on and taken possession of on the same day). She also knows the ins and outs of working with commercial Tenants and Landlords.

She obtained her broker license and joined the Superior team in 2013, bringing with her the legal and real estate transaction experience garnered in her retail gasoline life.

Anita is an attention-to-detail person and uses that skill-set to effectively and thoroughly communicate with Owners and Tenants alike while keeping Tom on-track in the office.

When she isn’t working, Anita likes to spend time with her young-adult son, two young-adult “bonus” sons, and longtime boyfriend. Anita has fronted three local rock-n-roll bands, has served for over a decade on the worship team of her local church, and is an overall avid music fan(atic) who also loves attending concerts whenever she can, riding motorcycles, watching NFL football, laughing through cartoons (can anyone say Looney Tunes®?), and sunning herself on the nearest sun-soaked beach, lawn chair or rock.

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