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The Advantages of a Property Manager


Dozens of articles, books, and TV shows make it seem as though owning a rental property in the Rockford area is a license to print money. While it’s true that being a landlord can be profitable, it’s hardly the most stress-free way to make a living. Unless, of course, you decide to get a helping hand from a realtor in Rockford IL. So before you reach for your copy of Renting Out Your Property for Dummies*, pick up the phone, get in touch with Superior Realtors and Rental Properties, and hire a property manager.

What Does a Property Manager Do?
In simplest terms, a property manager’s job is to assume the many responsibilities you have as a landlord—some of which you may not have even realized were your responsibility—so you don’t have to. Our property management services include everything from tenant applications and background checks to maintenance and tenant complaints.
What’s the Benefit of Having a Property Manager?
Well, it’s not just a benefit. It’s several of them.
Legal Compliance
We’ll lead with the most important reason to hire a property manager. There are laws at every level of government, from locally all the way up to the federal government, regulating practically every aspect of the rental process. The legal considerations only get more thorny when you consider the many ways in which laws intersect and overlap. Advertising for rental properties, the reasons for which you can turn down a prospective renter when you can or cannot withhold a security deposit… the list can seem endless, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be both dire and frightfully expensive. A property management company is versed in the law so you’re better protected.
Property Maintenance
It can be a challenge enough keeping your own property’s curb appeal up to snuff, and ensuring that everything in your home works as it should. Rental property maintenance is harder still when you’re juggling personal and professional obligations to juggle. For that reason, we leverage a network of professionals who can address every need quickly and cost-effectively to keep your tenants safe and happy.
Rent Collection
Rent collection from even a single tenant can be challenging, and the challenges can seem to multiply exponentially the more tenants you have. One of the property manager’s skills is rent collection with a firm but fair hand, helping to avoid the expense and headaches of eviction—but fully prepared to go the distance should it come to that.
Attracting Quality Tenants
Vetting tenants is something of an art. Our screening process helps us identify tenants who are a safe bet, more likely to take care of their rental, to pay their rent on time, and to be a lower risk to you as a property owner. We also help protect our clients against the tenant scams that proliferate like weeds.
Tenant Retention
It’s hard enough to find a good tenant. Turnover is expensive, since the rental unit needs to be cleaned, painted, have its locks changed, and often undergo minor renovations or major repairs before it can be rented again. And a vacancy represents lost revenue, too. A property manager doesn’t just help you find better tenants. We help you keep them happy so they stick around, and your business stays profitable.
Property Management in Rockford, IL
Whether you’re new to property rental and management, or if you’re an experienced landlord who’s realized they have better things to do with their time, get in touch with Superior Realtors and Rental Properties for answers to your questions today!
*Yes, it’s a thing.

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